Our history

Each summer Patrizio was driving to Italy to visit his family with his trunk packed with Belgian beers.

During long evenings people were gathering on the terrace to taste the famous "birra belga". As a pastime Patrizio made small turtles with the hood wires of the bottles and gave them to the children.
Every evening, the kids were asking him: "please make me a turtle (tartaruga in Italian)".

Remembering these joyful moments, the name Tartaruga came as a natural choice when brewing its first beer in 2013.
Since then Patrizio has been brewing its beers in collaboration with NovaBirra.

In January 2015, Tartaruga Fine Brewing was born!

And for the sake of keeping a higher level of quality Patrizio has chosen the De Ranke brewery in Dottignies to go and brew himself all its beers.